Embark on a journey of unrivaled luxury aboard the M/Y MARSS, an exquisite 18.90m vessel expertly crafted by renowned yacht builder Vikal International in 2004 and recently renovated in 2022. This exceptional yacht is meticulously designed to provide a remarkable sense of freedom, comfort, and style for up to 10 privileged guests.

Indulge in the opulence of state-of-the-art amenities, including a fully equipped kitchen, fridge, shower, sunbeds, one kayak, two paddle boards, and a top-notch sound system. The M/Y MARSS is powered by robust engines capable of cruising at 25 knots and reaching a maximum speed of 35 knots, ensuring a thrilling and exhilarating voyage.

Delighting in an unparalleled level of privacy, the yacht offers two comfortable double cabins that accommodate up to four guests. Throughout your journey, you will be attended to by a dedicated and experienced crew, ensuring a tailor-made service from the moment you step on board, guaranteeing an unforgettable holiday experience at sea.

With an array of captivating nautical activities at your disposal, such as swimming in turquoise waters, kayaking adventures, or exploring the shores on special excursions, the M/Y MARSS provides the perfect escape from everyday life. Immerse yourself in relaxation as you bask under the sun, all while taking in the breathtaking views that surround you. Leave your worries behind and embrace a truly extraordinary maritime getaway.