We are more than happy to announce that Stars Yachting is now official dealer of the Belassi Marine Hypercraft Burrasca.

Burrasca: Hypercraft handcrafted masterpiece

Handcrafted excellence

 With this fantastic machine Belassi sets unrivalled standards when it comes to watersports. 

It’s the perfect mix between italian passion and austrian rationality. In fact, one could say it’s like a Lamborghini. 

It was almost natural that Belassi and Stars Yachting would get along. 

We share the same passion for design, demand for performance and taste for sensations. 

A new chapter in speed

 The specs of this tremendous machine handcrafted in Austria speak for themselves. 

Belassi's Burrasca is about sensation


  • 3 cylinder 4 stroke
  • 1602cc
  • 320 horsepower
  • 367 kg dry weight
  • Standstill to 100km/h in less than four seconds
  • 120 km/h max speed
  • Certified upholstery with very high abrasion resistance for extreme wear
  • Waterproof foam structure
  • Made of infused high-performance 3K-Carbonfiber materials

Be anything but stock standard

 But there is more: Belassi offers infinite possibilities of personalisation for the Burrasca, making it even more unique. 

With multiple colours combination and an utter attention for every detail, each Burrasca is unique, taking the very idea of marine hypercraft a step further. 

Fact is Belassi is the first and only company in Europe to manufacture engine entirely in-house and the watercraft itself.

No words could pay tribute to what it’s like to test the Burrasca. You have to experience it by yourself with a little help from Stars Yachting’s team. 

So feel free to contact us to find out more, or send us a WhatsApp message and start designing your own Burrasca right now!