Stars Yachting & Anvera: partners at sea

Sometimes you meet people with which you share values, visions and goals. And that sets the ground for great partnerships. 

Stars Yachting is honoured to greet the famous Italian Rimini based shipping yard Anvera, and to propose their distinctive yachts to all our customers. 

All the boats are not the same

 “I thought of a dolphin and I designed Anvera. »
Aldo Drudi – Anvera designer
Passion, vision and dedication make ideas come true at Anvera

Based on the Adriatic coast, close to Rimini, Anvera builds a collection of chase boats, with an extra touch of unique design and specs. 

Yachting is about freedom. Therefore Anvera bases its philosophy on this very idea, in design as well as for owners and users.

The concept infuses all the amazing experience one can live with Anvera yachts, and that makes them unique.

Carbon fibre only

 Did you know all the manufacturing of Carbon Fiber is produced by Anvera in-house? As we said, it’s all about freedom. Mastering carbon fibre and being able to use top notch technologies allow Anvera’s teams to more freedom, which translates in more space, better handling and superior comfort for users. 

Their goal is to create as many external areas as possible, especially at stern makine one’s yacht a private island in every corner of the sea.

Paradise lies in the details, so Anvera’s yachts are filled with unique details exclusively designed such as flagpoles, handrails or carbon fibre shower, amongst others.

An innovative ship yard in Italy

42 Speedster: a playful concentrate of italian technology and design

The 42 speedster is the first model with outboard engines constructed by Anvera! Thanks to the more accessible hull length, the Anvera 42 Speedster is compact, fast and ensures exceptional performances.

Entirely built in carbon fibre, Anvera 42 Speedster is easy to handle, and offers a lot of spaces onboard.

Meet Anvera at Cannes Yachting Festival 2023!

Anvera is making a splash at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2023. Join us and experience the future of yachting. Contact the Stars Yachting team to set up your exclusive discovery today!

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore innovation and luxury on the high seas.

Anvera 42 Speedster

Anvera 42

Anvera 48

Anvera 58

Jonathan Cecotto

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Jonathan Cecotto

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