Sail into Luxury: Your Definitive Guide to Yacht Types and Styles with Stars Yachting

🌊⚓️ Every vessel is a unique masterpiece. It’s essential to understand the various types of yachts based on style, size, propulsion, hull design, and purpose, as each one offers a distinct yachting experience. 

As yachting experts, we want to share with you our knowledges, to help you in your yachting decision process. 

Let’s embark on a journey through a world of yachts more complex than it could seem.  

📏 Sorting yachts by Size

Big is beautiful, they say. In yachting, size is extremely relevant as every meter gained raises fierce technical and engineering challenges. Here is how the industry categorises yachts by their size.  

The Megayachts

Mega Yacht

These are the giants of the yachting realm, typically exceeding 60 meters in length. Often owned by private individuals or operated by organizations, they rival luxury cruisers in terms of facilities. From swimming pools to movie halls, they offer opulent experiences.

 The Superyachts

Slightly smaller, they are ranging from 30-60 meters. Superyachts combine elegance with functionality. They come with features like Jacuzzis, sky lounges, and gourmet dining, often served by professional crews.

Medium-sized luxury yachts

In the 20-30 meter range, these yachts are ideal for larger families or tourist groups. Though not as extravagant as their larger counterparts, they still provide a comfortable and luxurious experience. The beautiful Pershing X8 ranks in that category.

Smaller Yachts

Compact and versatile, these vessels span 10 to 20 meters and are often privately owned. Perfect for leisure and water sports, they can be sail, motor, or hybrid-driven.

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🛶 Sorting yachts by propulsion mode

In a time where environnemental issues are vivd, propulsion is a matter of concern for builders and owners. Therefore considering the propulsion mode of a yacht is always relevant to help decision. At this time, 3 categories exist.


Yachts, in their earliest forms, relied on wind for propulsion. While many modern yachts now have motorized engines, sail yachts maintain a sense of tradition. From single sail-single mast to multiple sails-multiple masts, these vessels offer a classic sailing experience. If you’re into Sailboats, you definitely should check our Ice yachts section… 

Motor Yachts

With the industrial revolution, engines found their way into yachts. From coal-fired steam engines to modern fuel-powered combustion engines, these yachts are perfect for those seeking power and speed and they come in various sizes as quoted earlier.

Gulet Yachts

The hybrid of the yachting world, gulet yachts blend sails and engines, often keeping sails for aesthetic appeal even when no longer needed.

🚤 Yachts by Hull Design

Hulls come in two categories:


Commonly, yachts have a monohull configuration, which can be displacement or planing type. Displacement hulls rely on buoyancy, while planing hulls are designed for high-speed experiences.


Catamarans (two hulls) and trimarans (three hulls) offer exceptional stability and seaworthiness. They are pricier due to their construction materials and designs.

Catamaran (multihull) vs. monohull

🌎 Yachting by Purpose

 Being the expression of passion, yachts are often chosen for specific purposes. Therefore it’s interesting to consider them by this angle.

Cruiser Yachts

 Designed for passenger pleasure and vacations, these vessels are ideal for long-distance travel.

Fishing Yachts

Lanakai fishing sports

 Tailored for fishing enthusiasts, they offer ample space for fishing equipment.

Trawler Yachts

 A fusion of fishing and aesthetics, these yachts combine the best of both worlds.

Sports Cruisers

 For those seeking adventure and speed, sports cruisers are the way to go, often used for racing.

Sport Fishers

 These yachts are the perfect blend of luxury and fishing, offering fishing gear and passenger amenities

Expedition Yachts

Ragnar adventure yacht

 Designed for adventurers, these vessels are built to tackle challenging conditions and explore remote locations.

Classic Yachts

For those with a taste for vintage times, classic yachts evoke the glory of the past, strictly for shallow water and near-shore leisure.

Classic yachting is beautiful

Choosing a yacht, whether it is by types or styles, isn’t just any choice. Given the investment and commitment that such a decision represents, it’s essential to have all the cards in your hand. 

It’s our job at Stars Yachting, and our passion, to accompany you in your desire and help you find exactly the yacht, charter or purchase, that you want. 

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