M/Y Matusadona: Live the ultimate African yachting experience!

Located on the breathtaking Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe, M/Y Matusadona is an unparalleled superyacht charter promises an unforgettable journey through one of Africa’s best-kept secrets, revealing the unspoiled vista of one of the continent’s last true wilderness areas.

Experience Lake Kariba

Lake Kariba is renowned for its stunning landscapes, teeming wildlife, and serene waters. It is a sanctuary where nature’s beauty remains untouched, offering an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Imagine cruising along the tranquil waters, surrounded by panoramic views of rugged hills and lush forests, with the occasional sighting of majestic wildlife along the shoreline.

Introducing M/Y Matusadona

M/Y Matusadona is a retreat that embodies the essence of safari-style comfort. With its classic design, warm interiors, and attentive crew, every moment aboard this vessel promises to be a experience of an African safari journey. You will be immersed in nature’s grandeur onboard M/Y Matusadona.

Your Exclusive Journey

Share this unique experience with your loved ones, creating memories that will last a lifetime and simply marvel at the beauty of your surroundings, every moment promises to be unforgettable. This elegant 3-decked vessel features as much of the comforts of home as possible, while also adding a flair of elegance. With space to rest, commune, and enjoy the surrounds of the lake, one will find nothing missing on board.

Stars Luxury Group: Sit back and relax

As a global group, we understand the importance of seamless travel arrangements. From aviation, luxury vehicles to yachting, our team is dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of your trip is expertly managed. Let us take care of all the details, allowing you to focus on creating cherished moments with your loved ones.

Book Your Adventure!

Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to discover the untamed beauty of Lake Kariba aboard M/Y Matusadona. Contact us today to reserve your charter and embark on a journey of luxury, adventure, and discovery.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard M/Y Matusadona for unforgettable memories.

M/Y Matusadona Specifications

HULL TYPEMono Hull Motor Cruiser
POWERED BY2 x 350hp caterpillar engines
ELECTRICAL POWER220 volts supplied by a primary 25kva
generator, 9kva standby generator
and 24 hour power to essential items
supplied by SKva inverter
PAX6 max pax in 3 guest Cabins
CREWCaptain, Professional Safari Guide,
Cook and Deckhand in 2 staff cabins

Exploring the Untouched Beauty: Antarctica Day 2023

Antarctica Day 2023 – A Stars Yachting Broker’s Perspective

Since its signature in 1959, the world gears up to celebrate Antarctica Day on December 1.

The allure of this pristine, icy continent keeps becoming even more irresistible for those seeking unparalleled adventure and a unique yachting experience. For yacht enthusiasts with a taste for the extraordinary, Antarctica presents a rare opportunity to navigate through untouched waters, witness breathtaking landscapes, and create memories that last a lifetime.

Antartica: The Ultimate Yachting Destination

Antartica bay

 Antarctica, often described as the last untouched wilderness on Earth, offers a unique blend of awe-inspiring beauty and untouched serenity. For yacht owners and charterers, this presents a rare chance to venture into the heart of this icy wonderland.

Imagine cruising past towering icebergs, navigating through crystal-clear channels, and marveling at the incredible wildlife that calls this frozen continent home.

Exclusive Yachting Experiences

Antarctica Day 2023 marks a special occasion for yachting enthusiasts to embark on exclusive voyages tailored to showcase the best of this extraordinary region. Yacht charters can offer bespoke itineraries, allowing guests to explore the Antarctic Peninsula, witness majestic glaciers, and encounter the diverse wildlife, including penguins, seals, and whales.

A whale tail appearing close to a yacht

Luxury Yachts Designed for Antarctica

Hanse Explorer

It has been said that spending time in Antarctica leaves one forever changed. None of the books one reads nor photographs one sees can prepare this encounter with the most mystical  landscape in the world. Therefore, for those considering an Antarctic yachting adventure, it’s essential to choose a vessel equipped for the unique challenges of this environment. Modern luxury expedition yachts are designed to navigate icy waters comfortably while providing opulent amenities on board.

Antartica from the Yacht

From  spacious observation decks for panoramic views to cozy interiors with all the comforts of home, these yachts redefine luxury in the world’s most extreme environment.

Stars Yachting has the skills, knowledge and network to organize your Antarctic discovery.

Our extensive expertise enables us to quickly identify the perfect yacht to match your needs and expectations as well as the precautions such a journey requires. 

A Necessary Environmental Stewardship

As a yacht broker expert, it’s crucial to emphasize the importance of responsible exploration in Antarctica. Yacht owners and charterers should prioritize vessels adhering to the highest environmental standards, minimizing their impact on this delicate ecosystem, ant that’s what we do. We support operators committed to sustainability ensures that future generations can also experience the pristine beauty of Antarctica.

Planning Your Antarctic Yachting Adventure

 Antarctica Day 2023 serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving this unique environment while also celebrating the spirit of exploration. As yacht brokers we know we play a pivotal role in connecting adventurers with the right vessels and experiences tailored to their desires. From luxury accommodations to expert guides, the Antarctic yachting experience should be curated to exceed expectations.

LEGEND in ice from above -

Antarctica Day 2023 presents a golden opportunity for yacht enthusiasts to turn their dreams of exploring this icy wonderland into reality.

As a yacht broker expert, facilitating these extraordinary adventures ensures that clients embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary, making memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

That’s what we’re aiming for you. Contact us to forecast your next adventure!

Navigating the Waves of Innovation: METSTRADE 2023 in Amsterdam

The world’s largest trade exhibition for the international leisure marine industry, METSTRADE, is set to make a grand return in Amsterdam this year, bringing together a vibrant community of yachting enthusiasts, innovators, and industry leaders from November 15th to 17th, 2023. This highly anticipated event promises to showcase the latest advancements in yachting technology, design, and sustainability, offering a glimpse into the future of this captivating industry.

Amsterdam Harbhour

A Maritime Extravaganza: What is METSTRADE?

METSTRADE, short for Marine Equipment Trade Show, is the world’s largest trade exhibition of marine equipment, materials, and systems. It brings together manufacturers, suppliers, and industry professionals from around the globe to showcase the latest innovations, exchange ideas, and shape the future of the maritime industry.

The Venue: Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre

The choice of Amsterdam as the host city is no coincidence. The city’s rich maritime history and its central location in Europe make it an ideal meeting point for professionals in the field. The Amsterdam RAI provides a spacious and modern venue, equipped to accommodate the vast array of exhibitors and attendees that grace METSTRADE each year.

A Beacon of Innovation in Yachting

METSTRADE 2023 serves as a global platform for unveiling groundbreaking innovations that are shaping the yachting landscape. Visitors can discover a plethora of cutting-edge products and technologies, from sophisticated navigation systems to eco-friendly propulsion solutions, all vying to redefine the yachting experience.

Innovation Showcases: The DAME Design Award

A highlight of METSTRADE is the prestigious DAME Design Award. This competition recognizes outstanding design in marine equipment and accessories. Winning this award is a badge of honor in the maritime world, signifying cutting-edge design, functionality, and innovation.

This year, the Finnish manufacturer of electric motors OceanVolt was distinguished amongst his peers for his HighPower ServoProp 25 (HPSP25) is a 25 kW electric saildrive fitted with a variable-pitch propeller that can also be used as a powerful hydrogenerator on sailboats from 45 to 70 feet.

The winners of the DAME awards 2023 gathering on stage

Find out the complete list of nominees 2023 here

Networking Opportunities: Connecting the Maritime Dots

METSTRADE 2023 will provide ample opportunities for networking and collaboration among industry professionals. The event will host a series of seminars, workshops, and networking receptions, fostering connections between yacht builders, designers, equipment manufacturers, and industry experts. These interactions are crucial for driving innovation and shaping the future of yachting.

Educational Program: Gaining Insights

An officer walking on the side deck of a yacht

METSTRADE doesn’t just showcase products; it also serves as an educational hub. The METSTRADE Knowledge Programme features a series of conferences and seminars covering a wide range of topics, from sustainable boating practices to the latest trends in yacht design.

These sessions provide valuable insights for both seasoned professionals and those new to the industry.

A Symphony of Sustainability

Sustainability is taking center stage at METSTRADE 2023, as the industry embraces the need to minimize its environmental impact. Exhibitors will be showcasing sustainable solutions that address various aspects of yachting, from reducing fuel consumption to utilizing renewable energy sources. This commitment to sustainability reflects the industry’s growing awareness of its responsibility to protect the marine environment.

A teasing mockup of the innovative AlvaYacht SOE 90 explorer

Embark on the METSTRADE Adventure

With its focus on innovation, sustainability, networking and visitors from over 150 countries, METSTRADE 2023 is an unmissable event for anyone passionate about yachting. Whether you are a seasoned sailor, a budding entrepreneur, or simply an admirer of the beauty and elegance of yachts, METSTRADE 2023 offers an unparalleled opportunity to delve into the world of yachting and experience the captivating journey that lies ahead.

A few more hints about METSTRADE 2023

METSTRADE 2023 features a dedicated area showcasing the latest electric and hybrid yachting solutions, highlighting the industry’s transition towards sustainable propulsion.

The event also hosts a series of seminars and workshops focused on the challenges and opportunities of attracting new generations to the yachting industry.

METSTRADE 2023 is expected to generate significant economic impact for the city of Amsterdam, attracting businesses and visitors from around the globe..

METSTRADE 2023 is poised to be a landmark event in the world of yachting, showcasing the industry’s innovative spirit, commitment to sustainability, and unwavering passion for creating extraordinary yachting experiences.

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Exploring the French Riviera: Top Winter Sailing Destinations with Stars Yachting

As seasoned yachting charter experts, we know that navigating the azure waters of the French Riviera during the winter unveils a unique and enchanting experience. 

The charm of this renowned destination doesn’t fade with the changing seasons; instead, it transforms into a winter wonderland for sailing enthusiasts. 

Here, we’ll uncover the best destinations for winter sailing in the French Riviera, where luxury meets the tranquility of the Mediterranean. 

1. Saint-Tropez: A Timeless Elegance

Le golfe de Saint Tropez

Saint-Tropez and its gulf are always synonymous with glamour. It takes on a serene allure during the winter months. The summer crowds dissipate, leaving behind a more intimate and authentic atmosphere.As you set sail from the Vieux Port, the picturesque coastline unveils hidden coves and pristine beaches.

The charming village, adorned with pastel-hued buildings, is a delight to explore. Anchor your yacht in Pampelonne Bay and relish the peaceful ambiance with a glass of local wine, savoring the beauty of Saint-Tropez in its winter splendor. 

2. Cannes: A Festival of Tranquility

  Known for its world-famous film festival, Cannes sheds its bustling summer energy in the winter, offering a tranquil haven for sailing enthusiasts. The Lerins Islands, just off the coast, provide a serene escape. Explore the Abbey of Lérins on Saint-Honorat, a haven of peace with its centuries-old history.

Le suquet vieux port de cannes

In Cannes itself, the Vieux Port and Port Pierre Canto offer excellent berthing options, allowing you to enjoy the city’s sophistication without the summer hustle.

3. Nice: Winter Elegance Along the Promenade

Nice, with its iconic Promenade des Anglais, exudes elegance throughout the year. The winter months bring a serene ambiance to the still very busy city, making it an ideal starting point for your winter sailing journey. Navigate along the Baie des Anges, marveling at the azure waters against the backdrop of the French Alps. The Old Town, with its vibrant markets and authentic bistros, invites you to experience the local culture and cuisine. 

La Baie des Anges à Nice

4. Monaco: Opulence in Every Wave

The principality of Monaco, of course, synonymous with luxury, beckons winter sailors with its refined charm. Port Hercules, nestled between steep cliffs, provides a secure and scenic berth. Cruise along the coastline for breathtaking views of the city-state, crowned by the Prince’s Palace.

Explore the exotic gardens or try your luck at the renowned Casino de Monte-Carlo. Monaco in winter offers a more intimate encounter with its opulent allure.

5. Porquerolles: A Natural Oasis

For those seeking a more secluded escape, the Hyères islands, particularly Porquerolles, offer an untouched natural paradise. As part of the Port-Cros National Park, Porquerolles boasts crystal-clear waters and unspoiled landscapes. Anchor in the Port de Porquerolles and embark on hiking trails to discover the island’s hidden gems, from pristine beaches to charming vineyards. 

Golfe de Porquerolles

During the winter season, the French Riviera unveils a different, more serene charm. Whether you choose the glamour of Saint-Tropez, the tranquility of Cannes, the elegance of Nice, the opulence of Monaco, or the natural beauty of Porquerolles, each destination promises a unique and unforgettable sailing experience. Embrace the winter allure of the French Riviera as you navigate through its enchanting waters, where luxury meets tranquility in every wave.

Want to go for a charter adventure? Don’t forget to check our guides and to contact us

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Sail into Luxury: Your Definitive Guide to Yacht Types and Styles with Stars Yachting

🌊⚓️ Every vessel is a unique masterpiece. It’s essential to understand the various types of yachts based on style, size, propulsion, hull design, and purpose, as each one offers a distinct yachting experience. 

As yachting experts, we want to share with you our knowledges, to help you in your yachting decision process. 

Let’s embark on a journey through a world of yachts more complex than it could seem.  

📏 Sorting yachts by Size

Big is beautiful, they say. In yachting, size is extremely relevant as every meter gained raises fierce technical and engineering challenges. Here is how the industry categorises yachts by their size.  

The Megayachts

Mega Yacht

These are the giants of the yachting realm, typically exceeding 60 meters in length. Often owned by private individuals or operated by organizations, they rival luxury cruisers in terms of facilities. From swimming pools to movie halls, they offer opulent experiences.

 The Superyachts

Slightly smaller, they are ranging from 30-60 meters. Superyachts combine elegance with functionality. They come with features like Jacuzzis, sky lounges, and gourmet dining, often served by professional crews.

Medium-sized luxury yachts

In the 20-30 meter range, these yachts are ideal for larger families or tourist groups. Though not as extravagant as their larger counterparts, they still provide a comfortable and luxurious experience. The beautiful Pershing X8 ranks in that category.

Smaller Yachts

Compact and versatile, these vessels span 10 to 20 meters and are often privately owned. Perfect for leisure and water sports, they can be sail, motor, or hybrid-driven.

Being partners with Anvera, qe have a full range of small and medium sized luxury yachts for you to check!

🛶 Sorting yachts by propulsion mode

In a time where environnemental issues are vivd, propulsion is a matter of concern for builders and owners. Therefore considering the propulsion mode of a yacht is always relevant to help decision. At this time, 3 categories exist.


Yachts, in their earliest forms, relied on wind for propulsion. While many modern yachts now have motorized engines, sail yachts maintain a sense of tradition. From single sail-single mast to multiple sails-multiple masts, these vessels offer a classic sailing experience. If you’re into Sailboats, you definitely should check our Ice yachts section… 

Motor Yachts

With the industrial revolution, engines found their way into yachts. From coal-fired steam engines to modern fuel-powered combustion engines, these yachts are perfect for those seeking power and speed and they come in various sizes as quoted earlier.

Gulet Yachts

The hybrid of the yachting world, gulet yachts blend sails and engines, often keeping sails for aesthetic appeal even when no longer needed.

🚤 Yachts by Hull Design

Hulls come in two categories:


Commonly, yachts have a monohull configuration, which can be displacement or planing type. Displacement hulls rely on buoyancy, while planing hulls are designed for high-speed experiences.


Catamarans (two hulls) and trimarans (three hulls) offer exceptional stability and seaworthiness. They are pricier due to their construction materials and designs.

Catamaran (multihull) vs. monohull

🌎 Yachting by Purpose

 Being the expression of passion, yachts are often chosen for specific purposes. Therefore it’s interesting to consider them by this angle.

Cruiser Yachts

 Designed for passenger pleasure and vacations, these vessels are ideal for long-distance travel.

Fishing Yachts

Lanakai fishing sports

 Tailored for fishing enthusiasts, they offer ample space for fishing equipment.

Trawler Yachts

 A fusion of fishing and aesthetics, these yachts combine the best of both worlds.

Sports Cruisers

 For those seeking adventure and speed, sports cruisers are the way to go, often used for racing.

Sport Fishers

 These yachts are the perfect blend of luxury and fishing, offering fishing gear and passenger amenities

Expedition Yachts

Ragnar adventure yacht

 Designed for adventurers, these vessels are built to tackle challenging conditions and explore remote locations.

Classic Yachts

For those with a taste for vintage times, classic yachts evoke the glory of the past, strictly for shallow water and near-shore leisure.

Classic yachting is beautiful

Choosing a yacht, whether it is by types or styles, isn’t just any choice. Given the investment and commitment that such a decision represents, it’s essential to have all the cards in your hand. 

It’s our job at Stars Yachting, and our passion, to accompany you in your desire and help you find exactly the yacht, charter or purchase, that you want. 

Contact us for more information. 

Stars Yachting Shines at Cannes Yachting Festival with Ice Yachts!

The Cannes Yachting Festival has always been an extravagant celebration of all things yachting. This year, Stars Yachting made quite the splash as over 85 passionate sailboat enthusiasts flocked to the Ice Yachts stand. 

There, they had the privilege of exploring the exquisite ICE 52 and ICE 70, creating unforgettable memories in the world of sailing.

The Cannes Yachting Festival: Where Dreams Set Sail

Ice Yachts at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2023

For those who live and breathe the sea, the Cannes Yachting Festival is a mecca of maritime dreams. Against the stunning backdrop of the French Riviera, this annual event showcases the finest yachts, sailboats, and marine innovations. It’s where sailing aficionados from around the globe unite to celebrate their shared passion.

Stars Yachting: Crafting Nautical Excellence

Stars Yachting, had the spotlight at this year’s festival with Ice Yachts. On the stand were presented two extraordinary vessels—the ICE 52 and ICE 70. These sailing marvels epitomize the brand’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of excellence.

A Thrilling Encounter with Sailboat Passionate

What made this year truly special for us was the overwhelming response from attendees. More than 85 individuals, all driven by their passion for sailboats, visited the Ice Yachts stand to get up close and personal with the ICE 52 and ICE 70. It was a meeting of minds and a celebration of the shared love for the open sea.

The Cannes Yachting Festival 2023 was as huge success

The ICE 52: A Masterpiece of Design and Performance

Enthusiasts marveled at the ICE 52, a masterpiece of design and performance. With its sleek lines and cutting-edge technology, it promises an unparalleled sailing experience. Stars Yachting’s team was on hand to provide insights into the intricate craftsmanship that went into creating this vessel.

Ice 55 from Ice Yachts

The ICE 70: A Testament to Luxury

For those with a penchant for larger sailboats, the ICE 70 was a revelation. This stunning yacht exuded luxury in every detail, from its spacious interiors to its impressive sailing capabilities. It left visitors in awe of its sheer grandeur.

Ice 52 and Ice 70 by Ice Yachts at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2023

Setting Sail into the Future

As the sun dipped below the horizon in Cannes, it was clear that this year’s Cannes Yachting Festival was unique. The shared passion for sailboats had brought together a community of enthusiasts, and we were at the heart of it all.

Not only we had showcased Ice Yachts exceptional vessels but had also forged lasting connections with those who share their love for the open sea. 

As the festival drew to a close, we were already looking to the next adventure: the Monaco Yacht Show, opening in 2 days… Stay tuned as we renew our commitment to nautical excellence to inspire and thrill sailing enthusiasts worldwide.

Ice 52 and Ice 70 at anchor at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2023

Stars Yachting & Anvera: partners at sea

Sometimes you meet people with which you share values, visions and goals. And that sets the ground for great partnerships. 

Stars Yachting is honoured to greet the famous Italian Rimini based shipping yard Anvera, and to propose their distinctive yachts to all our customers. 

All the boats are not the same

 “I thought of a dolphin and I designed Anvera. »
Aldo Drudi – Anvera designer
Passion, vision and dedication make ideas come true at Anvera

Based on the Adriatic coast, close to Rimini, Anvera builds a collection of chase boats, with an extra touch of unique design and specs. 

Yachting is about freedom. Therefore Anvera bases its philosophy on this very idea, in design as well as for owners and users.

The concept infuses all the amazing experience one can live with Anvera yachts, and that makes them unique.

Carbon fibre only

 Did you know all the manufacturing of Carbon Fiber is produced by Anvera in-house? As we said, it’s all about freedom. Mastering carbon fibre and being able to use top notch technologies allow Anvera’s teams to more freedom, which translates in more space, better handling and superior comfort for users. 

Their goal is to create as many external areas as possible, especially at stern makine one’s yacht a private island in every corner of the sea.

Paradise lies in the details, so Anvera’s yachts are filled with unique details exclusively designed such as flagpoles, handrails or carbon fibre shower, amongst others.

An innovative ship yard in Italy

42 Speedster: a playful concentrate of italian technology and design

The 42 speedster is the first model with outboard engines constructed by Anvera! Thanks to the more accessible hull length, the Anvera 42 Speedster is compact, fast and ensures exceptional performances.

Entirely built in carbon fibre, Anvera 42 Speedster is easy to handle, and offers a lot of spaces onboard.

Meet Anvera at Cannes Yachting Festival 2023!

Anvera is making a splash at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2023. Join us and experience the future of yachting. Contact the Stars Yachting team to set up your exclusive discovery today!

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore innovation and luxury on the high seas.

Anvera 42 Speedster

Anvera 42

Anvera 48

Anvera 58

Jonathan Cecotto

Eager to discover more? Contact me now!

Jonathan Cecotto

Head of Stars Yachting

We Welcome You to the Cannes Yachting Festival with Ice Yachts

As said last week, the prestigious Cannes Yachting Festival

is once again upon us, and Stars Yachting is excited to extend a warm invitation to all yacht enthusiasts. 

Along with our friends and partners from Ice Yachts, we are happy to present you an unforgettable display of luxury, innovation, and maritime beauty. 

Join us at Stand SAIL 177 on Port Canto and meet our dedicated team, including Jonathan and Constantin, who are eager to make your yachting dreams a reality.

A Grand Showcase of Luxury and Innovation

The Cannes Yachting Festival is renowned for being one of the most significant events in the yachting calendar. It’s a place where discerning yacht enthusiasts and industry professionals gather to witness the latest trends, innovations, and, most importantly, the most magnificent vessels afloat. 

This year, our partnership with Ice Yachts promises an unparalleled showcase of Italian craftsmanship and precision engineering. Ice Yachts is synonymous with excellence in design, performance, and quality and the Ice Yachts range has something to offer every yachting aficionado.

Meet The Team

Our team at Stars Yachting is comprised of passionate sailors who share your love for the open sea. Jonathan and Constantin, in particular, are ready to welcome you at Stand SAIL 177. With their extensive knowledge of Ice Yachts and the yachting world, they can provide expert guidance tailored to your specific needs and desires. Whether you’re an experienced sailor or a newcomer to the yachting world, we’re here to ensure your visit is informative, enjoyable, and inspiring.

Don’t Miss Out

Until the 17th September, the Cannes Yachting Festival is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of yachting, and Stars Yachting is the ideal partner to guide you on this journey. 

Join us on the West Pier, at Stand SAIL 177 on Port Canto Harbor and discover the extraordinary world of Ice Yachts. 

Let us be your compass as you navigate the seas of luxury and adventure.

You need an invite? Let us know here!

4 days left to Cannes Yachting Festival 2023

The excitement is building as we eagerly count down to the upcoming Cannes Yachting Festival 2023. Stars Yachting will be there, alongside with Ice Yachts

We’re all set for an incredible event celebrating everything about luxury yachting.

 What You Can Expect:

As the days fly by, we’re getting ready to show you some amazing yachts. You will be able to experience the utter quality of Ice Yachts on site, as two of them will be anchored in Port Canto.

These yachts are not just beautiful; they’re also packed with fantastic and useful technology. From the way they look to how they perform, each one is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and innovation.

Our team of yachting experts will be there during the festival to help you. They can show you our newest yachts and answer your questions. Whether you’re dreaming of owning a yacht, thinking about investments, or just curious about yachting, the Cannes Yachting Festival will be a really fun experience.

Connect with Us:

Come visit us at Stand SAIL 177. 

You’ll meet other yachting fans, learn from experts, and join the Stars Yachting community.

Don’t miss out on this chance to explore the world of luxury yachting, see the newest yachts form Ice Yachts, and have a great time celebrating the beauty of the sea.

The Cannes Yachting Festival 2023 is almost here, and we can’t wait to see you there!

Stars Yachting: Official Dealer for Ice Yachts

We are proud to announce that Stars Yachting is becoming the official dealer of Ice Yachts. 

This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone for both companies, offering clients access to cutting-edge sailing yachts and exceptional services. 

A Prestigious Collaboration

Stars Yachting’s partnership with Ice Yachts signifies a union of excellence and innovation in the yachting industry. Ice Shipyard, known for its high-performance, lightweight and eco-friendly yachts, has chosen Stars Yachting as its official dealer, emphasizing the trust and confidence we both have in each other’s expertise.

Our commitment in delivering top-tier luxury sailing yachts aligns perfectly with Ice Shipyard’s commitment to engineering excellence and sustainability. This collaboration promises clients a seamless and unforgettable yachting experience.

 Ice Yachts: a young brand based on a long experience and know-how

 Specialized in the construction of sailing boats in the 40-100 feet range, Ice Yachts goal is the application of advanced technologies on custom products in marine, architecture, automotive and high segment industrial design. 

As Marco Malgara, Ice Yachts CEO states: « we gather professionals with different background, all with passion on cutting edge materials. »

Based in Salvirola, Ice Yachts sets new standards in composite materials, carpentry and equipment installation. The shipyard is renowned for its innovative approach to sailing boats design and construction. Not only their vessels are visually stunning but they also incorporate advanced technology for superior performance and eco-friendliness.

Marco Malgara – Ice Yachts CEO

  Our boats are built with the idea of sailing with no limits in all type of sea condition and on every ocean, with an eye also of a comfort on board.

Expanded Yacht Portfolio

 Stars Yachting’s portfolio will now include Ice Yachts impressive range of yachts, from sleek and sporty models to spacious and opulent cruisers. Whether you’re a seasoned yacht enthusiast or a first-time buyer, this collaboration offers a broader selection to choose from, ensuring that you find the perfect yacht for your needs.

Stars Yachting’s team of experts will work closely with clients to tailor their Ice Yacht to their exact specifications. From interior design to onboard amenities, you’ll have the opportunity to create a yacht that reflects your unique style and preferences.

Contact our brokers

For all information you may need, please contact our team.

Jonathan Cecotto

Jonathan Cecotto

Head of Stars Yachting


We are more than happy to announce that Stars Yachting is now official dealer of the Belassi Marine Hypercraft Burrasca.

Burrasca: Hypercraft handcrafted masterpiece

Handcrafted excellence

 With this fantastic machine Belassi sets unrivalled standards when it comes to watersports. 

It’s the perfect mix between italian passion and austrian rationality. In fact, one could say it’s like a Lamborghini. 

It was almost natural that Belassi and Stars Yachting would get along. 

We share the same passion for design, demand for performance and taste for sensations. 

A new chapter in speed

 The specs of this tremendous machine handcrafted in Austria speak for themselves. 

Belassi's Burrasca is about sensation


  • 3 cylinder 4 stroke
  • 1602cc
  • 320 horsepower
  • 367 kg dry weight
  • Standstill to 100km/h in less than four seconds
  • 120 km/h max speed
  • Certified upholstery with very high abrasion resistance for extreme wear
  • Waterproof foam structure
  • Made of infused high-performance 3K-Carbonfiber materials

Be anything but stock standard

 But there is more: Belassi offers infinite possibilities of personalisation for the Burrasca, making it even more unique. 

With multiple colours combination and an utter attention for every detail, each Burrasca is unique, taking the very idea of marine hypercraft a step further. 

Fact is Belassi is the first and only company in Europe to manufacture engine entirely in-house and the watercraft itself.

No words could pay tribute to what it’s like to test the Burrasca. You have to experience it by yourself with a little help from Stars Yachting’s team. 

So feel free to contact us to find out more, or send us a WhatsApp message and start designing your own Burrasca right now!

The Future of Yachting: Sailing Towards Innovation and Sustainability

The world of superyachts faces a stark choice: Either become sustainable or disappear

Pepe García-Aubert, president & CEO of the MB92 Group.

The world of yachting has always been synonymous with luxury, prestige, and exclusivity. However, we can no longer ignore the necessity for a more sustainable design within our industry. As individuals, we are well aware of the challenges we are facing worldwide. As professionals, we witness this utter necessity to move towards a more sustainable and technology-driven future. At Stars Yachting, we know that the yachting industry is also undergoing a transformation. 

Let’s explore the emerging trends and advancements that are shaping the future of yachting. From sustainable design and technology integration, let’s see what’s changing consumer preferences.

 A long time research for a more sustainable yacht design

In the future, yachts are likely to be designed with sustainability in mind. Eco-friendly materials, renewable energy sources, and efficient hull designs are in designers mind for quite a while. Shipbuilders are already experimenting with carbon-neutral yachts, electric propulsion systems, and lightweight materials. They tend to make vessels more energy-efficient, especially through solar energy. 

On that very question of propulsion Porsche has announced they are developing an electric sports boat, based on their Macan EV drive tech.

 Going forward: autonomous Yachts, AI, AR and VR

 hese topics are everywhere in the news. Why wouldn’t they impact yachting? Spoiler alert: they do. The future of yachting is likely to witness the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation. Before reaching to fully autonomous yachts equipped with sophisticated sensors and navigation systems, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will affect and enhance trip planning, full consumption optimisation or maintenance costs, for example in the Air Conditioning systems. Therefore it will enhance safety and reduce the need for extensive crew onboard.

On the other hand AR and VR technologies will actually redefine the way yachts are designed and sold. Prospective buyers will be able to virtually explore different yacht models, customize interiors, and experience the vessel’s features, providing an immersive buying process. Shipyards can also leverage these technologies to streamline production processes and improve collaboration among design teams.

 Embracing Green Technologies remains complex

 Advancements in green technologies are revolutionizing the yachting industry. Solar panels, like with Sunreef Yachs, wind turbines, and hybrid propulsion systems are reducing the dependency on fossil fuels and minimise greenhouse gas emissions. Many builders, like Alva have their compass set on electric propulsion Furthermore, innovative waste management systems will ensure responsible disposal and recycling of waste on board. But let’s face the truth: building a sustainable boat remains a challenge as the ressources used (wood, fiberglass and so on) are not that easy to renew or recycle. 

For that matter, Marine Shift 360 developed a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) sustainability tool . It is set for a better understanding of the environmental footprint of products and processes.

 Of course there are many others topics that are pointing out the revolution that stands ahead of yachting. Driven by advancements in technology, a growing focus on sustainability, and changing consumer preferences, yacht design will become more eco-friendly, integrating green technologies and AI for improved efficiency and safety. Personalization and customization will redefine luxury, allowing yacht owners to create unique experiences onboard. 

Doing so, the yachting industry is setting sail towards a brighter, greener, and more promising future, and Stars Yachting will be part of it. 

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White Wave – For charter at Stars Yachting


Meet Maga Mago yacht for charter in Monaco. It’s an honour to welcome her to the Stars Yachting charter fleet

Since 1954, Otam shipyard is a synonym for quality and performance. and Maga Mago is a perfect example of their historical values. 

Built il 2006, refitted in 2021, Maga Mago is made for pure sensations. 

With her sleek lines, her elegant copper overall and her impressive performances such as its max speed of 53kn, this 16.75m  Otam 58 can host up to 10 persons for an unforgettable journey with its crew

But performances are not everything. Maga Mago is the perfect yacht for a quiet and relaxing stay with her generous sun bathing areas at the bow and in the stern.

And when the sun is too much, just relax and chill in the comfortable Maga Mago offers inside.  

Book Maga Mago now!

WHITE WAVE joins the Charter Fleet

We are pleased to announce that White Wave is part of our Charter Central Agency fleet.
She is available both for day charters and longer term charters.

The crew consists of Gimmy, the Captain, and Chiara, the hostess. Both kind and friendly, and open to adapt to every situation. Whether you are looking for a calm and relaxing day, or an energetic party boat, White Wave is the right choice for you.

She comes with two double cabins and one twin cabin. Well equipped with small galley, internal and external fridge and more, to make the best out of your stay onboard!

New to the STARS Yachting Team: Andrea

The STARS Yachting team is growing fast. Andrea Tortella joins our Sales team as Junior Broker.

Born in Monaco, Andrea is a lifelong passionate yachtsman. He had an honourable sailing career in his youth going on to captain Monaco’s national sailing team and finishing 18th in his last world championship. His onshore experience extends into a wide variety of sectors, from diplomacy by being an Italian representative at the Youth European Parliament, to financial services interning at Julius Baer and Goldman Sachs, while always remaining at the forefront of dealmaking. Currently studying at the University College, he previously studied in Moscow, Russia, and Xi’an, China making him fluent in 7 languages ( English, French, Italian, Spanish, Croatian, Russian & Chinese). His integrity and reliability enabled him to collect a wealth of knowledge, experiences, and connections that stretch across regions and industries.

Please join us in welcoming Andrea to the STARS Yachting team!

Constantin Capsis joins the STARS Yachting Team

It’s with great pleasure that we would like to announce Constantin Capsis as our new Sales Broker. Constantin has been working in the yachting industry for 25 years.

Based in the Côte d’Azur, he speaks French, English, Italian, Spanish and Greek!

Please join us in welcoming Constantin to the STARS Yachting team!

BABY BOSS joins the sales fleet

STARS Yachting is delighted to announce the new exclusive central agency for M/Y BABY BOSS, together with our broker Jonathan Cecotto.

The yacht has undergone a huge rebuild from top to bottom. New engines have been installed, new generators, new gearbox, new navigation systems and more.

The classic Admiral has been build in 1992, and touched water for the first time in 2002. Build in Aluminum to RINA Classification.

The yacht is perfect for charter use or bigger families, with 5 cabins with en-suite heads. Galley is well equipped with all essentials you may need.

The dining room is elegantly placed between the saloon and the galley. It’s doors enables you to use the area in full privacy and silent.

Four of five cabins come equipped with two single beds and a pullman. Together with the master cabin, there is a total of 14 sleeping places for guests.

New engines, new gearbox, new generators, new exhaust system, revised heat exchangers and more. All documentation is on file.

Introducing: STARS Yachting

18 January 2023

It is with great pleasure that we announce the launching of STARS Yachting. We specialise in sales of luxury yachts. Very soon we will have a dedicated charter section as well, with a range of yachts going from smaller short-term/day charters to longer weekly charters. This is a further extension of the STARS Group. The STARS Group consists of 8 companies, offering a variety of services which include: supercar sales, real estate sales, car workshop, aviation charter and management, and more! In this way, we are able to offer the best possible service yet on the market.


Jonathan Cecotto, General Manager: “After working with a couple of yacht brokerage companies, I took the decision to partner with my brother Johnny. In this way, under the same roof of the Group, we are able to offer our clients whatever luxury and every day product they may need. When the clients are happy with us, they would like to stay under the same family and we are able to make this possible. A full 360 degrees service.

Even though the company just started out with Yachting Services, the sales sector is not new for us. The background comes from a stable platform and we are satisfied of the achievements so far. We are able to put ourselves in the client’s shoes, to give them the customer experience they are looking for.”

In the next weeks, we will be announcing an addition to our team. Increasing also our yachts for sale, and like previously mentioned, a dedicated charter section is soon to arrive as well. Join our newsletter to keep up to date with the latest news!