🌟 Stars Yachting welcomes Steve Huppert as Sales and Marketing Director

Β In a thrilling leap forward for Stars Luxury Group, Stars Yachting proudly announces the addition of Steve Huppert as its new Sales and Marketing Director.Β 

With a distinguished heritage in maritime excellence, Steve Huppert is no stranger to the boundless allure of the open sea.

A DNA of maritime excellence

Β Born into a lineage of seasoned water enthusiasts, Steve’s life story unfolds against the vibrant coasts of Florida and the charming shores of France, underscoring his profound connection with the ocean. As a former professional windsurfer, his roots in aquatic pursuits run deep.

This affinity for the sea extends to the next generation, as evidenced by his sons, William and Eliott. William, the reigning 2023 World Speed Windfoil Champion, and Eliott, one of the youngest superyacht captains, proudly carry forward the family’s maritime legacy.

Yachting expertise at its best

Boasting an illustrious 25-year career in the yachting industry, Steve Huppert brings a wealth of expertise to Stars Yachting. His extensive knowledge and unwavering passion for yachting position him as a valuable asset to the Stars Yachting team. Spanning various facets of the industry, Steve’s experience offers a unique blend of practical insight and strategic vision.

Cannes Yachting Festival will be great next year with Steve's expertise

As Stars Yachting cements its status as a key player in Monaco’s esteemed Stars Luxury Group, the stage is set for international expansion. Teaming up with Jonathan Cecotto, Steve is poised to elevate the company’s global footprint.

Steve’s appointment marks a pivotal moment for Stars Yachting. His visionary leadership and profound connection to the maritime world are certain to chart the course for new heights of success and innovation

Stars Yachting welcomes Steve Huppert aboard with great anticipation and excitement.

βš“οΈ Welcome to the journey, Steve Huppert!